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Free Music Software and Learning Tools

Start Something New
Start Something New

Free Music Software and Learning Tools

The world is looking very different due to COVID-19. Here’s some free software and learning platforms to stay creative and keep learning at home.

By Matt Wilkinson | Published 31.03.20

Music companies have been quick to show their support for creatives at home by offering a plethora of free software and online courses. Here’s a selection of online resources, whether you want to learn something new or try out some different software.

Free Software

VST instruments, DAW computer software, and other audio tools to try out for free.

Moog Minimoog Model D– free iOS App

Moog is legendary in the world of analog synthesizers, and you can now get some of their iconic sounds for free. For a limited time, the Minimoog Model D iOS app is available free of charge. Access 160 presets and explore sounds with interactive controls.

Find out more | Moog Minimoog Model D iOS app

Ready for a ‘real’ synth?

Two notes – free Torpedo Wall of Sound

Two notes Audio Engineering is offering free lifetime licences of its Torpedo Wall of Sound plugin before 30 April. This software emulates mic’d guitar cabinets to give you a studio-ready guitar tone without the need for a real cab or microphone.

The free licence includes two virtual cabs (a 4x12’’ based on a Marshall Slash signature and a 2x12’’ based on a HiWatt with Fane speakers). You’ll also get 9 power amp emulations, EQ, ‘overload’ feature for speaker cone distortion, and 8 reverb/room emulations.

Find out more | Two notes Torpedo Wall of Sound, free licence

Two Notes have a range of preamp pedals, attenuators, loadboxes, and IR devices that allow you to create professional guitar tones at home, in the studio, and on stage. Two Notes are the masters at allowing you to use your tube amp silently, capturing its tone directly without a mic or live space.

Find out more | Two Notes

Reason - Free Analog Sequencer

Until 15 April, Reason Studios is allowing you to download a free copy of the AS-16 Analog Sequencer Rack Extension. AS-16 is a 16-channel analog CV sequencer with MIDI and audio features.

AS-16 allows you to program a sequence and modify it in real time using pad, jump, and skip buttons. Users can also use note scales to easily make bass lines ready for further MIDI editing, or use built-in audio modifiers as an advanced envelope generator. Multiple devices can be joined together, giving you unlimited channels for even more possibilities.

Find out more | Reason AS-16 Analog Sequencer

See more from Reason Studios | Reason Studios software and bundles

Apple Logic Pro X – free 90-day-trial

For the first time, Apple is offering a 90-day trial of its premium Logic Pro X DAW for Mac. This software includes a huge array of built-in tools and virtual instruments for making music. Apple customers can also claim a 90-day free trial of Final Cut Pro X for all your video editing needs.

Find out more | Apple Logic Pro X 90-day trial

Need some recording gear to make the most of this trial? See our Home Recording page for more studio and podcasting gear.

Ableton Live 10 Suite – free 90-day trial

Ableton Live 10 DAW software lets you create, perform and produce with an incredibly intuitive interface. Both Mac and PC users will find built-in instruments, sounds, kits and loops to make almost any kind of music.

You can now download a free 90-day trial to get creating at home. With the huge range of built-in features and sounds, you’ll be able to start making music straight out the box [or should that be, straight out the .zip file?].

Find out more | Ableton Live 90-day trial

Need a production device to control your Ableton Live software?

Arturia Free Software

Arturia is offering two pieces of free software. iSpark is an iPad drum machine app (free until 30 April), and Pigments 2 is a plugin synth for PC/Mac (free from 2 April – 3 July).  

Find out more | Arturia iSpark for iPhone/iPad

Find out more | Arturia Pigments 2

Looking for more from Arturia?

Reaper 6 – Free 3-month trial

Cockos’ fully-featured Reaper 6 music production software is available with a free 3-month trial. Redeem before the end of June to get your free 3-month trial of this DAW which has found popularity with YouTube producer Glen Fricker, among others.

Find out more | Cockos Reaper Free Trial

Learn something new

Here is a selection of online courses and gear guides so you can learn something new at home.

Fender Play – free 3 months’ access

Learn guitar at home with 3 months of free lessons from Fender. Perfect for new and progressing players, Fender Play has instructor-guided videos as well as jam tracks from Led Zeppelin, Green Day, Sia, Shawn Mendes, and many more.

Find out more | Fender Play 3-month trial

Need a guitar to start learning with?

Roland & Skoove – Free Online Piano Lessons

Roland has committed to support musicians at home by partnering with Skoove to offer 3 months of free piano lessons. If you own a Roland piano, you can get unlimited access to hundreds of songs and interactive courses – all available in an instant at your computer, smartphone or tablet. Skoove is also great for helping teachers work with students online and keep track of their progress.

Find out more | Free Online Piano Lessons With Roland & Skoove

If you don’t own a Roland piano, you can still get a free Skoove beginner piano course here with 27 songs. Teachers and educational institutions get Skoove Premium for free!

Native Instruments – Stay home, stay creative

Native Instruments shares its tips for staying creative at home.  

Read more | Native Instruments – stay home, stay creative

See more from Native Instruments:

Berklee – Online Courses

Berklee Online offers a range of ‘massive open online courses’ (MOOCs), completely free of charge. You’ll find a range of courses in music technology, production, theory, musicianship, business, therapy, performance, improvisation, songwriting, and much more.

Find out more | Berklee Online Courses

Sennheiser - Professional Audio Webinars

Sennheiser is pleased to announce a series of free webinars over the coming weeks. You can take part in a range of topics, from the basics of Sennheiser Wireless Systems and Sennheiser Microphones, to discussions with sound engineers and the engineering team.

Hosted in English, German, and French, this is a great chance to learn from the professionals and see how other people use audio technology in real-world applications.

Find out more | Sennheiser Professional Audio Webinars

See more | Sennheiser Microphones, Wireless Gear and More at Gear4music

Neumann - Microphone Basics Webinar

In collaboration with Sennheiser, Neumann is offering a webinar where you can learn about microphone design and operation. Covering the basics and moving on to best practice, this is your chance to get involved and learn from the masters.

  • Apr 3, 2020 01:30 PM (Berlin time)
  • Apr 17, 2020 01:30 PM (Berlin time)
  • Apr 24, 2020 01:30 PM (Berlin time)

Find out more | Webinar registration - Neumann Microphone Basics

See more | Neumann microphones, studio monitors and more at Gear4music

Universal Audio – Online Guides

Check out Universal Audio’s range of online blog posts and learn something new.

That’s just for starters!

Find out more | Universal Audio Blog – Artist Sessions, Tips, Interviews, Studio Basics

Universal Audio are class leaders in the synergy of audio hardware with premium plugins. Access the UAD plugin library for incredible emulations of classic studio analog gear.

Find out more | Universal Audio Equipment

Gear4music Gear Guides

If you’re looking for advice about gear, check out this selection of our own blog posts.

Start Something New – essential bundles with everything you need to start a new instrument, begin music production, record at home, podcast, or start DJing.

How To Start A Podcast – the gear guide to help you start your own show.

Home Recording Guide – setup your own home studio with the right gear.

Posted on 2 May 2020 17:31 to category : Instruments News

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