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Gibson 2019 Guitars Are Here! So, What's New?

Gibson 2019 Guitars Are Here! So, What's New?

Gibson is Back with a New Range of Guitars for 2019 That Hark Back to What They do Best

Gibson - New Launch

After a tumultuous 2018, Gibson guitars will have felt a keen urge to banish any doubts to the past. There were genuine fears about what might happen to Gibson – a bizarre and disconcerting thought for guitar lovers everywhere. But this new range proves that Gibson is back, and it's on its finest form!

In 2019, it became apparent that a fresh take was needed to make Gibson guitars stand out. Currently, the market is flooded with “revolutionary new enhancements” and “modernised playing features” – as well as a wealth of other bombastic claims about how each new guitar can redefine the musical landscape.

For Gibson's 2019 range, the designers have looked to the past. Naturally. The result? A brand-new range of Gibson’s most iconic models, all staying true to what made them great in the first place.


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From SGs to Les Pauls, via a selection of new hollowbodies and one-of-a-kind models, Gibson has gone back to its roots for inspiration in this new series. No over-the-top enhancements. No difficult-to-use features. Just cool-looking guitars with amazing sound quality that feel awesome to play.

And they come with price tags that will surprise you. Pleasantly, we might add. More affordable than you’d expect for guitars of this pedigree, the new Gibson models aim to bring classic quality to a whole new range of players.

And while their heritage is at the core of every new model in this series, that’s not to say that they’ve just recycled their 1950s blueprints. Modern features like weight-relieved bodies and tapered necks bring added comfort and greater playability – a blend of vintage sound and feel, with small modifications designed for the 21st century player.


New Release Gibson Les Pauls

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There’s no model in the Gibson portfolio that attracts as much interest and celebration as the Les Paul. It’s been a mainstay in rock ‘n’ roll, blues, and a host of other genres for decades. Gibson has clearly been doing something right. The new range of Les Pauls maintains the heart and soul of the Les Paul name with a powerful sound, wide-reaching tones, and a stylish vintage aesthetic as a given.

Each model is based on the original Les Paul, meaning they’ll deliver that oh-so-familiar Les Paul tone adored the world over. But there’s a lot more than meets the eye with Gibson’s new releases. Improving usability, playing experience, and versatility – and at more affordable prices than ever – this new set of Les Pauls is a tremendous reminder why they became so well-loved in the first place.

Les Paul Classic

A model built for anything you care to throw at it. Flexibility was clearly in mind during every stage of the new release Les Paul Classic’s creation. It’s been loaded with a pair of coil-tapped Burstbucker 61R and 61T pickups. Bringing a range of new tonal options to play with, this professional guitar is perfect for anyone looking to dabble in a variety of genres. And the humbuckers’ black and white “zebra” design adds an extra touch of individuality. Because Gibson can never just settle on making something sound good – it has to look good, too.

Les Paul Modern

It’s the classic – modernised. The new-release Les Paul Modern has still got the familiar Gibson tone, but with some extra features designed to improve usability and tonal range. Some coil-tapped Burstbucker Pros in the bridge and neck positions can create both the roar of a humbucker and the bite of a single-coil P90. An asymmetrical slim taper neck morphs to the shape of the player’s hand along the scale, while the ultra-modern weight relief ensures a comfortable playing feel.

Les Paul Studio

The name says studio. But Gibson has made the new Les Paul Studio so stylish that players will be keen to get it out anywhere and everywhere. In a range of vibrant finishes, including a striking Tangerine Burst colour, the new Les Paul Studios have been designed to stand out. 490R and 498T humbuckers are particularly brilliant for high-output playing – a must for those who want to make like Spinal Tap and turn it up to 11. The Studio also has a weight-relieved mahogany body to provide a performance that feels weightless.

Les Paul Tribute

Players have come to expect full, wide-reaching tone from the Les Paul. The new release Les Paul Tribute is no exception to this rule. A holy trinity of maple, rosewood, and mahogany tonewoods creates a rich, varied tonal palette – perfect for a broad range of playing styles. Comfortable to play thanks to a rounded neck profile designed to fit exactly to the player’s hand, each of the new Tributes features gold top hat control knobs that provide an extra touch of class. A difficult thing to do, considering this is already one very classy guitar.

Les Paul JuniorSpecialJunior Tribute DC, and Special Tribute DC

The Junior is unfairly seen as the underdog of the Les Paul collection. Introduced firstly as a beginners’ guitar, it gained popularity amongst seasoned players, too – mainly thanks to its straightforward usability and powerful, raw sound. The new release Les Paul Junior Tribute DC brings all of this, plus added playability with a double cutaway body for superb top-fret access and a slim taper neck for extra playing comfort. The Special Tribute sees Gibson add a long-awaited second P-90 pickup to the classic Junior, bringing even more single-coil power and a greater range of sounds to choose from.

The new release Les Paul Junior and Special models retain all of the hallmark playability and feel of the Tributes, but in larger models with single-cut bodies. The Special is finished in stunning TV yellow – named for the colour that classic musicians needed to make their guitars stand out on black and white televisions. The guitar features two P-90s for a bigger-than-singlecoil sound, while the Junior has a single pickup for a more stripped-back tone.

Les Paul Standard ‘50s‘50s P-90, and ‘60s

Back to where it all began. The new ‘50s and ‘60s era specific models are designed to transport the player to two of the golden ages of rock ‘n’ roll. All crafted from that tremendous trio of maple, rosewood, and mahogany tonewoods, they’re capable of handling pretty much any genre or playing style.

But let’s be honest. These slick guitars bring one thing to mind: rock ‘n’ roll. A range of striking, shining finishes ensures that every model looks unmistakably cool. The ‘50s edition features a pair of Burstbucker 1 and 2 humbuckers, providing vintage sound with modern day clarity. Burstbucker 61s in the ‘60s version bring thicker, meatier tones – better for those looking for a heavier sound. There’s even a P-90 ‘50s edition for players who prefer the bite of single-coil pickups. And every single one is built to rock.


New Release Gibson SGs

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Les Paul hated the SG when it was first released in 1961. The guitarists of the world disagreed. Designed initially as a simpler version of Paul’s own signature model, players adored its smooth playability and lighter feel. And no wonder - the first SG was said to have “the fastest neck in the world”. Alongside this wonderful playing experience came powerful, high-output sound that was perfect for performing.

Times may have moved on since the early sixties. But the world’s love of the SG certainly hasn’t. And this is unlikely to change given the unique, eye-catching new range of Gibson SG releases. All featuring solid mahogany bodies for that inimitable booming depth, there’s a new range of breathtaking finishes to enjoy. And just like the new Les Paul series, Gibson has committed to making sure these SGs stay true to what made the original so brilliant.

SG Modern

The SG was already stylish. But Gibson has gone and added a figured maple top to the new release SG Modern to give it an extra injection of elegance. Available in Trans Black Fade and Blueberry Fade finishes, the stunning natural pattern of the figured maple makes the Modern look classier than ever. And while it’d be easy to wax lyrical about its chic aesthetic all day long, it’s important to note that it also features a pair of Burstbucker Pro pickups, providing thick, powerful tones. Because style is nothing without substance.

SG Standard

Gibson’s best-selling guitar just got even better. And that’s mainly because it’s been entirely inspired by the first SG models of the sixties. Harking back to the versatile sound and speedy playability of the original, the new SG Standard also features a classic rosewood fingerboard to provide the singing sustain and warmth that no other wood can come close to. Twin 490 pickups also allow for playing loud. Driving every note home isn’t a problem with the Standard.

SG Tribute

Don’t let the name fool you. The new SG Tribute is by no means a run-of-the-mill imitation of its big brother. Providing a uniquely bright sound thanks to a maple neck (the only model in the new Gibson SG series to feature one), it’s particularly brilliant for playing up the top end of the scale. As a result, it’s perfect for soloing. And the added playing comfort brought to the table by a rounded neck profile only serves to make playability even better.

SG Standard ‘61

This is the true original. While every new SG guitar looks back to the history of the model for inspiration, the SG Standard ’61 is the one that really retains the look, sound, and feel of the very first model. Its slim taper mahogany neck allows for playing with blistering pace. A pair of Burstbucker 61 humbuckers with pickup switching and individual tone/volume controls means the Standard ’61 is particularly versatile. Available with both Maestro and Sideways Vibrola tailpieces for anyone looking to add some warbling tremolo to their vintage SG sound.

SG Junior and Special

Designed to make playing effortless. The new SG Junior and Special models feature bound rosewood fingerboards, making it easy to hit every note. The iconic SG double cutaway provides uninhibited access to the top of the scale. Most important, though, is the raw, snarling sound that both models provide. With one single-coil P-90 in the Junior for straightforward, uncomplicated power and two in the Special for a thicker tone, these two SGs sound vicious.


New Release Gibson Firebird

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Always original, the Firebird has long been famed for its unique style and reverse body and headstock. The new release Firebird does of course stay true to the model’s individual style – this time in stunning tobacco burst and cherry finishes. Its neck through design brings singing sustain in every note, while specially designed mini humbuckers provide a sharp, tight voice. As a result, it’s fantastic for lead players looking for a little more definition in their riffs and solos.


New Release Gibson Flying Vs and Explorers

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The Flying V is as synonymous with rock music as sunglasses or throwing TVs out of hotel windows. This is yet another superb addition to the collection. The new Flying V from Gibson features both a body and neck fully constructed from mahogany, meaning playing down the low end of the scale sounds full and rich. With a special pair of calibrated Burstbuckers, it’s got wide-reaching tone and a huge voice. There’s also a Flying V B-2version in all-black with more straightforward “Dirty Fingers” pickups: one volume, one tone, one pickup switch, and back-to-basics, stripped-back power.

The new Gibson Explorer features the same specs as the Flying V, again with a B-2 edition with “Dirty Fingers” electronics. It does, of course, also feature the iconic, skewed “X”-shape body that makes it stand out from the crowd.


2019 Gibson Hollow Body Guitars

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When many people think of their dream hollowbody guitar, the Gibson ES series is easily the first that comes to mind. And why wouldn’t it be? They’re true icons of rock ‘n’ roll. From Eric Clapton, to B.B. King – their characterful sound has been at the heart of countless musical successes. And now, Gibson has ensured that the famed ES series continues to evolve, with the new release of their heritage models.     

With a large focus on player experience, the new Gibson 2019 hollowbody series blends sensational sound with more functionality than ever before. Because, ultimately, a guitar series with such rich history should be tailored for the player. And thankfully, Gibson’s new launch has reminded us all why we fell in love with the original ES series.


New Release ES-335 & ES-339

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We don’t need to go into what make the Gibson ES-335 and Gibson 339 models so iconic; they speak for themselves. So, let’s focus on what’s important – the features.

Lightweight and ergonomic, this year’s hollowbodies have been carefully crafted for modern performance. Each new release is equipped with the innovative Memphis Tone Circuit to preserve sound quality and depth at any volume.

ES-335/339 Figured

Gibson has gone the extra mile with the Figured series. Every element of the guitar is meticulously constructed to improve performance. Which is why the body bracing and centre block have been thermally-engineered for weight relief, resulting in an all-time classic that welcomes the modern player with open arms.

ES-335/339 DOT, Satin & ES-335/339 Gloss

The DOT series revives the origins of the ES-335 and 339. Showcasing the dotted inlays that featured on the very first ES-335 model, these guitars remain faithful to their roots. This, combined with the dual MHS II humbucker pickups, is what gives the DOT series its distinct, vintage flair.

The DOT series features a range of designs including the satin-finished DOT and gloss-finished DOT. But Gibson hasn't stopped there. New-for-2019 is a 335 equipped with two P-90 pickups, offering more single-coil bite and far-reaching tonal capabilities.

Gibson ES-335 Studio

When it comes to the Gibson Studio series, everything is straightforward. It’s all about first-rate sound, stemming from two 57 Classic humbuckers that deliver classic tone, day-in, day-out. So, naturally, it’s ideal for frequent performers who want consistent quality in their live shows. Put simply, the 335 Studio is a no-nonsense classic, holding all the characteristics that make up a true Gibson hollowbody.


New Release ES-235

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The ES-235 takes the hollowbody design of the ES-125 and fuses it with Gibson’s most famous solid-body model; the Les Paul. A unique blend, but it’s certainly a welcome one. Like the other hollowbodies, Gibson has focussed heavily on the performance and playing experience of the ES-235. A rounded “C” shaped neck combines with the traditional single-cutaway design to provide a comfortable platform for live playing.

Again, the 235 features the Memphis Tone Circuit to establish sound clarity at all volumes. But it’s the two Burstbucker Pro pickups that give the ES-235 its hallmark rock ‘n’ roll quality. The unique combination of a Les Paul body with a semi-hollow construction demands immediate attention from guitarists. And can you blame them? It showcases two of Gibson’s most treasured models in remarkable style.



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