sE Electronics VR2 Voodoo Active Ribbon Mic

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  • Captures Frequencies 20Hz to 20KHz
  • Ribbon Sound for the Project & Commercial Studio
  • Open & Natural Recording
  • Ideal for Acoustic Instruments & Guitar Cabs
  • Active Version of the VR1

sE Electronics VR2 Voodoo Active Ribbon Mic


The Voodoo Ribbons from sE mark a new era for Ribbon mic technology - until now the only Ribbon mic in the world to perform across 20Hz-20KHz was our own Rupert Neve collaboration, the RNR1, crtically acclaimed as the best Ribbon mic in the world.

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This was achieved using state of the art transformers and a Rupert neve designed circuit board to reveal HF usually absent. The Voodoo mics however achieve full frequency response using a new mechanical device (patent pending), designed by Siwei Zou, the company CEO.

This extraordinary technical achievement allows the traditional Ribbon capsule to develop and capture frequencies from 20Hz to 20KHz like no other Ribbon on the planet. The sound is revolutionary; where the RNR1 is simply a stunning mic in its own class entirely, the Voodoo range brings traditional ribbon sound to the project and commercial studio, but extends it to perform as well as most condensers do.

The result is superbly detailed and wonderfully open and natural sounding recordings of acoustic instruments and guitar cabs. The VR2 is an 'active' version of the VR1, which is the more traditional 'passive Ribbon design. These mics' unique ability to perform, coupled with searingly good looks, is sure to make the VR1 and VR2 classics of their time.


"The Voodoo VR2's will definitely be used again, I don't want to record guitars again without them. It's great the VR2's come with a cradle as they don't always with other companies, and I love the wooden box as well! I've used various sE microphones and I strongly believe they are well made products that you can take into ANY recording environment." - James Loughrey, Producer, Skindred, My Vitriol

Features / Specifications

  • Operating Principle: Pressure Gradient
  • Diaphragm 2µ: aluminium ribbon
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-18KHz
  • Sensitivity: 10mV/Pa -40 ± 1.5dB
  • Polar Pattern: Figure 8
  • Impedance: ≤ 200 Ohms
  • Equivalent Noise Level: 20dB(A weighted)
  • Max SPL for 0.5 THD@1000Hz: 135dB
  • Power Requirement: Phantom power 48V±4V
  • Connector: 3-pin