Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking Statement

Published: 31 August 2017

This statement is made pursuant to the Modern Slavery Act 2015. Gear4music Limited is the retailing subsidiary of Gear4music (Holdings) plc, which is listed on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange. View all information

Our Business

We are an online retailer of musical instruments and music equipment, operating 19 websites in 15 languages and 8 currencies. We are the largest retailer in our market in the UK and one of the largest in Europe.

We supply musical instruments and equipment manufactured by many of the industry's best-known brands, and also a range of good value, high quality own-brand products.

Whilst over 95% of revenue comes direct from consumers, we also supply educational and governmental institutions, and other retailers. Our customers typically purchase direct from our websites but they can also buy certain products via other third-party sites such as eBay and Amazon.

More details of our business can be found at

Our Policy

We are committed to adopting and improving practices that ensure there is no slavery and human trafficking in our supply chains or any other part of our business. The products we sell are manufactured in many different countries, and we aim to ensure that these values are upheld across our supply chain.

To achieve this, we are committed to identifying and assessing areas of our business where there could be potential risks of modern slavery, be that directly or indirectly within our supply chain. We seek to develop and implement effective systems and controls to review and monitor compliance with our policy.

Third-party brands

We sell many well-known other-branded products including Yamaha, Fender, Gibson and Roland.

We purchase these products from European-based supplier companies, many of whom are part of larger global organisations. These organisations acknowledge and generally publish their commitment to anti-slavery practices. We review anti-slavery policies and statements of our major suppliers, and are committed to assessing all suppliers of third-party brands.

We will present our suppliers with a copy of our Anti-Slavery policy, with the expectation that their own policies and the policies of their own suppliers meet our same high standard.

We will assess any instances of non-compliance if and when they arise, and take the appropriate action to remedy such non-compliance.


Our own-branded products are sourced from manufacturers in several countries around the globe and are often manufactured to own specification and design. As at 31 August 2017 we had active relationships with over 40 manufacturers, predominantly in the Far East.

To help ensure that we aren’t involved in modern slavery or the infringement of human rights in any way we conduct our own independent inspections of third-party facilities involved in the manufacture our products. During these inspections we carry out extensive checks and produce written ‘factory inspection’ reports that are shared with the managers and/or owners of the facilities, and include formal recommendations to be actioned where appropriate.

We will stop using any factories that fail to meet the standards that we set.

We conducted 16 reviews in the 6-month period to 31 August 2017.

Checks include:

  • Working environment - Ventilation, lighting, cleanliness, temperature
  • Working hours of factory employees
  • Machinery & equipment standards and guards
  • Safety equipment including firefighting equipment and first aid kits
  • PPE & training
  • Emergency exits & signage
  • Staff facilities – WC, kitchen, etc.
  • Factory certification - BSCI social responsibility certificate; OHSAS18001 Occupational Health & Safety

Responses to our factory inspections to date have been positive.

Nominated members of our Own-brand Procurement Team are trained to complete the checks.

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